Resources for teaching writing skills

Writing Prompts

piclit.gif Drag and drop words or write freestyle onto an image.



Ginger.jpg Online spellchecker, also corrects misused words.

ghotit.gif Online spellchecker designed for dyslexia, dysgraphia or people who are not native-English speakers.

spell.png Enter your spelling lists for activities and games.

Graphic Organizers

writingfun.gif Interactive and printable graphic organizers based on types of writing. Also includes examples and how to use.

graphicorganizers.gif PDF (to print) graphic organizers. Very clean and simple.


Writing Paragraphs

stepup.gif PDF Writing rubrics (types of writing and paragraphs) to download. Also graphic organizers based on type of paragraph and informational handouts.

merit_logo.gifParagraph writing software (to buy) that prompts students step by step in the writing process.