Websites and activities for our intensive students.

Includes cause and effect and other activities that encourage access skills.

Great for use with a touch screen or switch!

helpkidslearn.jpg online games and activities designed for a switch or touchscreen

priorywoods.gifPriory Woods School Resources interactive books and cause and effect activities to download. Age appropriate for all students. Many of the activities can also be accessed online. Also check out the kids only page for independent student activities.

PeteTitle23.gif Interactive PowerPoints to download.

bemboszoo.jpg click on a letter to activate an animal animation

kiddoNet.gif Phonics click on a letter to activate an animation (for younger students)

kate-blog.gif Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs Blog of an intensive high school teacher. So many resources, ideas and inspiration.

lindaburkhart.gifFor teachers and SPLs information on communication books and devices and instructions to make switches.

Cause and Effect Art:

Create pictures with a mouse, touchscreen, or switch
bomomo-5530.jpg Bomomo
jacksonpollack.jpgJaskson Pollock

Cause and Effect Music:

virtualkeyboard.gifVirtual Keyboard
contrapunctus.jpgContrapunctus: virtual string quartet

Reading with Symbols

Sw_logo.jpg Stories and articles written with symbols.